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Powerpoint 2010 Video

The folks over at Microsoft have made a Slideshow presentation using Powerpoint 2010. This was mainly done to illustrate the new features that are built into the new presentation software.

For PowerPoint 2010, we are making the biggest visual update to Slide Show in nearly a decade. PowerPoint’s graphics engine is completely rebuilt using DirectX. Everything in slide show (text, shapes, animations, and more) is rendered in full 3D using your machine’s graphics card. Over the next few weeks, we’ll show you how to use PowerPoint 2010’s new tools and effects to improve your presentation.Here are a few of the features you can expect to see:
· Fully hardware-accelerated rendering engine
· New transition effects and an updated user interface
· Revamped animation effects and a brand new UI (timelines!)
· Animation Painter (copy your animations between objects)
· Choreograph animations with multimedia

Powerpoint 2010 video:

Source: The Powerpoint Blog

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