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Google Docs and Opera 10

With opera 10 google spreadsheets will always open in list view.. this is because the Carakan javascript engine which is used to run web applications such as google docs is not complete on the Opera 10 browser yet.

So when you go to a google spreadsheet with opera 10 you will see something like this:

Opera 10 Spreadsheet View

The work around is to Identify Opera as Firefox.. this will trick google docs into think that you are coming from firefox. To do this go to Tools >> Quick Preferences >> Edit Site Preferences then go to the Network Tab and set Browser Identification to “Identify as Firefox”.

Once you have done that refresh your page and you should see a link which says go to spreadsheet view:
Spreadsheet View

You will most likely get an error message, just click ok on that and continue..

That should be it!

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