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Gee This Makes Me Want to Go Home…


Currently I go to university at University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, MN. This is 6 hours north and slightly west of my home town St. Charles, IL (which is 35 miles west of Chicago).

Today the high school that I was at nigh two years ago shut down. Of the 1200+ ish students that attend, today 900 some called in sick with flu-like symptoms. I do not watch TV, however apparently this is all over the news in the States. A quick Google search confirmed this for me. Here is an article  from NBC News Chicago.

It’s funny, because our high school has a history of medical failure like this. A few years before I was set to attend high school, they completely closed the school down for an entire year because of cancer-causing mold found in the walls and ceilings due to bad construction. The high schoolers had to move into the middle school and us middle schoolers set up class in trailers in the middle of another middle school’s playing fields.

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