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Conjuction Tutorial

I have been away from lotro for quite a bit working hard getting this cj tutorial site up and running as part of a school project. Well after many weeks of work it is finally ready to show.

Group of ..

These links go to the various conjunctions based on the group size you select. So, “Group of 3″ for example would take you to the types of conjunctions which are possible with 3 people in the fellowship.

Generate Random Conjunction

This section will randomly generate a random conjunction which can be from a length 3 to a length 6 maneuver. This is different from the conjunctions which are generated by the “Try” button which is found in the straights explanations. The “Try” button will only generate conjunctions of the group size that you are currently in.

Create your Own

In this section you can input various color combinations to see if it is a valid maneuver. Click the “Remove” button if you make a mistake and want to go back one, if you would like to start over then click the start over button.


This section contains videos of all the various conjunctions being performed in-game. It may take a little time for the video player to load up, please be patient. Do not worry if you cannot hear any sounds while the video is playing… this is perfectly normal seeing as the videos do not have sound associated with them. Once the video has finished playing it will start over again, unless another video is selected or you browse to another section.

Visit the site

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