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MyBB Plugins How-to

This is just a basic tutorial on how to download and apply plugins to your MyBB installation from the MyBB site.

Firstly you need to browse the plugin section and select a plugin you would like to install. In this example we will be using the advanced stats on index page mod.

1. Click on the download button once you have found the mod you want

2. Once the file is downloaded to your computer you will need to extract it (right click on it then click on extract all)

3. Once the file have been extracted you should see a folder with the same name as the zip file.

4. Select all the folders within the extracted folder, be sure to include all the .php files and all folders

5. Open up filezilla and connect to your host, browse to where MyBB is installed and drag over the selected folders and files

6. Once all the files have been copied head over to the admin cp and click on plugins

If all went well you should see the plugin in this plugins window, click Install & Activate for the plugin to be activated, most plugins come with additional options which can be set through the configurations section.

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