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KB977165 Blue Screen of Death

Today I was fixing a PC which would restart randomly during xp boot. It showed a BSOD(Blue Screen of Death) and would instantly restart, this did not give me much time to study the error and figure out what was going on. So to prevent the system from restarting on BSOD I booted up the pc with UBCD4Win and opened up the registry editor

Once in the regedit utility I browsed to the following reg key:


and changed the AutoReboot Value from 1 to 0

Note: System_on_C will show up only if you are using the UBCD4Win regedit, to do this without UBCD4Win microsoft had a pretty good writeup about it on their support site.

Once I rebooted I could see what the BSOD was saying and it turned out to be the good ‘ol PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA issue. This kind of error usually occurs when there is a memory fault, but I recently read on computerworld that one of the microsoft updates(KB977165) caused random BSODS.

So, to remove this update I booted into UBCD4Win again and did the following:

Open Command Prompt

go to C:\WINDOWS

So at this point the command window should read something like C:\WINDOWS>

then CD $NtUninstallKB977165$\spuninst

once in the spuninst directory run the uninstall txt file as a script by typing BATCH spuninst.txt

In my case this did not work.. so I just renamed the spuninst.txt to spuninst.bat by running “ren spuninst.txt spuninst.bat”

After running the batch file rebooted into windows and everything was fine.

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