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OpenParallel – Week 1

I am part of this great team of people who are currently working on a project for intel. We are basically trying to make large scale php based web sites such as facebook and wordpress work better by utalizing multicore processors. It is an extremly interesting project escpecially for me since I have always been curious about multicore technology and it a privilage to be working on this project with a bunch of great guys.

So far it has been a week since the project kicked off and we have made some interesting discoveries about how TBB (Thread Building Blocks) and Hip-Hop works.

Currently we have made progress in the following areas:

– made Hip-Hop compile and work on a 32-bit machine
– figured out how the functions are defined such as the for statement and echo
– passed in a php file to get c++ code at the end

– Made first Parallel program today
– Learnt a bit more about how the parallel_for fucntion works

I will try and keep posting our progress on this blog every Friday(NZST)

Wish us Luck!

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