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5 Most Addictive Flash Games

These are the 5 most addictive flash games that i have found.. I know there are other more addictive games out there (feel free to post these in comments) but these games listed here have caused me to submit assignments late … or in some cases not hand them in at all. Here goes.. Dolphin […]

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10 Games for Couples

Heartless Doll have compiled a list of games that are great for couples. Here is a condensed list of the games. 10. Guitar Hero (PS3/Wii/X360) 9. Lego Games (PS3/Wii/X360) 8. TIE: Wii Sports/Resort (Wii) and FIFA Soccer 09 (PS3/Wii/X360) 7. Hasbro Family Game Night (Wii/X360) 6. Mario Kart (Wii) 5. Noby Noby Boy (PS3) 4. […]

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Razer Lachesis!

Arrived home from work today to find that my Razer Lachesis had arrived!! Now i can move my cursor around the screen at blistering speeds! Thank you so much Cithryth for sending this my way. I have only been using this for a few hours, but the difference is noticeable from by old g5. This […]

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