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WIMP Server

I will soon be converting my current Windows XP server which functions as a web server and ftp server to a windows 2008 server. The following will be replaced:

Apache -> IIS

Filezilla -> IIS FTP

Features that will be added:

WSUS – Windows update service

DNS – Domain name resolution

DHCP – This will replace my modems inbuilt dhcp hopefully

Hopefully I will be able to replace these and go with an all windows solution to my current setup. Purpose of this exercise it to learn more about server 2k8 and to see if it is possible to have an all windows setup which does not need any 3rd party applications to run things (except PHP and MySQL).

Will be updating this post as I go along.

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window.

If this error occurs in outlook when you try to open it, simply type outlook.exe /resetnavpane in the run box.

If you are not using vista or 7 then to get to the run box hold done the windows key and r key.

Make MyBB Editor Variable Width How-to

I recently tried to make the default editor thats provided with the MyBB forum software variable width.  This is what the editor looked like before the edits..

This is what it looks like after the modifications were made

To do this use your favorite ftp program connect to you MyBB installion directory, browse to /jscripts/ Edit the editor.js file with the following changes (make a backup of this file incase things don’t go the way you had hoped)


w = oldTextarea.getDimensions().width+”px”;
if(!w || parseInt(w) < 400)
w = “400”;

Replace with:

/*w = oldTextarea.getDimensions().width+”px”;
if(!w || parseInt(w) < 400)
w = “400”;

Find: = w;

Replace with:

// = w;

Find: = parseInt(Element.getDimensions(this.editor).width)-subtract2+”px”;

Replace with: = “100%”;

Find: = parseInt(”px”;

Replace with: = “99%”;

That should it be it, save your changes and refresh you page. The editor should now be variable width. I know this probably isn’t the most efficient or elegant or possibly the correct way of doing it but it seems to work. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve or use a better technique then please let me know :)

MyBB Plugins How-to

This is just a basic tutorial on how to download and apply plugins to your MyBB installation from the MyBB site.

Firstly you need to browse the plugin section and select a plugin you would like to install. In this example we will be using the advanced stats on index page mod.

1. Click on the download button once you have found the mod you want

2. Once the file is downloaded to your computer you will need to extract it (right click on it then click on extract all)

3. Once the file have been extracted you should see a folder with the same name as the zip file.

4. Select all the folders within the extracted folder, be sure to include all the .php files and all folders

5. Open up filezilla and connect to your host, browse to where MyBB is installed and drag over the selected folders and files

6. Once all the files have been copied head over to the admin cp and click on plugins

If all went well you should see the plugin in this plugins window, click Install & Activate for the plugin to be activated, most plugins come with additional options which can be set through the configurations section.

The Roof

Recently, I started painting the roof of my house. Below are some of the shots of the completed roof.

I will post more images when I can.. if i take more that is..

Projector turns any surface into touchscreen

Fed up of lugging a heavy laptop around? Soon you could be typing documents and browsing the web on any nearby surface with the aid of a pioneering pocket-sized projector.

An innovative British company called Light Blue Optics has created the Light Touch, which transforms any surface into a 10.1in touch screen, reminiscent of the film Minority Report.
The system uses holographic laser projection and infrared sensors to create a screen that supports multi-touch gestures, like many smart phones.

The device was unveiled by the Cambridge based company at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Dr Edward Buckley was on hand to show off its impressive features, including games, photo galleries and a video player with the brightness of 15 lumens.

‘With the photo application you can drag your pictures around into an order you like, view one by touching on it and also scroll through them. It’s much like on an iPhone,’ he told reporters

Source:Daily Mail

Gisborne Fire (Awapuni Road)

My friends and I saw a few helicopters flying over head as we went to the gym. It turns out there was a fire near one of the schools. We went in for a closer look.. here are some of the shots

Sorry about the quality of these pictures, all I had on me was my phone.

Worldwide Broadband Prices

Looks like Japan is the place to be!

Google Nexus One Phone

Google today took a step into online retailing with the launch of its new smartphone, the Nexus One, and a webstore to sell it directly to consumers.

Calling the touchscreen phone a “superphone”, the internet search giant is aiming to challenge the supremacy of Apple’s iPhone and offer consumers a new way to purchase their mobiles.

At the launch in Mountain View, California, Google showed off the new smartphone and unveiled a website where consumers, including those in the UK, can buy the phone without a carrier.

Asked directly if the Nexus One was an “iPhone Killer”, Google said it was good to be able offer phone users a wide choice.

Source: Times Online
Nexus One:  Homepage

Christmas Light Hero

Last year Guitar Hero was on everyone’s Christmas list. At Trend Hunter we know for a trend to stay relevant it has to reinvent itself. There’s Band Hero, DJ Hero but this is something different. Check out Xmas Light Hero, the ultimate in video game inspired decorations.

Put on your winter gloves and strap on your wireless guitar controller. It is fun for the whole family, heck, with the decorations and music going on, it’s fun for the entire neighborhood. Video games have inspired a lot of things but Christmas decorations? Now that’s taking it to the next level.

Source: TrendHunter