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Flight of the Conchords ends

Bret, Jemaine and James (co-creator/director) said “we’ve noticed the less we say about the future of the show, the more people want to talk about it, so in an effort to reverse this trend we are today announcing that we won’t be returning for a 3rd season. We’re very proud of the two seasons we made and we like the way the show ended. We’d like to thank everyone who helped make the show and also everyone who watched it. While the characters Bret and Jemaine will no longer be around, the real Bret and Jemaine will continue to exist.

Source: FOTC Site

Lord of the Rings: Online Mirkwood BETA Farewell

Here are some images from the farewell event turbine had for the mirkwood beta on the eve of its release. They basically spawned a whole bunch of random things in Bree, Rivendell, Lone Lands and other various locations around middle earth! It was pretty darn epic seeing a fell beast roaming the streets of Bree-Town.. Here are the shots..

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Air Force To Expand PlayStation-Based Supercomputer

The U.S. Air Force is looking to buy 2,200 Sony (NYSE: SNE) PlayStation 3 game consoles to build out a research supercomputer, according to an document posted on the federal government’s procurement Web site.

The PlayStation 3s will be used at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s information directorate in Rome, N.Y., where they will be added to an existing cluster of 336 PlayStation 3s being used to conduct supercomputing research.

The Air Force will use the system to “to determine the best fit for implementation of various applications,” including commercial and internally developed software specific to the PS3’s Cell Broadband Engine processor architecture. The research will help the Air Force decide where Cell Broadband Engine processor-derived hardware and software could be used in military systems.

The Air Force has used the cluster to test a method of processing multiple radar images into higher resolution composite images (known as synthetic aperture radar image formation), high-def video processing, and “neuromorphic computing,” or building computers with brain-like properties.

The PlayStation 3’s eight-processor Cell powers other supercomputers, including the world’s second-fastest, IBM’s RoadRunner, at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

In June, the Department of Defense awarded $2 million for this research under its High Performance Computing Modernization Program, the DOD’s arm for supercomputing research, development, test, and evaluation. That follows an initial investment of $118,000 on the original cluster.

Before it won the research award in 2008, the information directorate’s advanced computing architectures team considered alternative configurations and the possibility of a hybrid system, but found multicore Xeon servers slower and more expensive than PS3s, and GPGPUs to be slower in some important types of calculations.

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s information directorate spends about $700 million annually on R&D, in areas such as collaboration, networking, cybersecurity, and computer modeling.

Source: Information Week


Boat Captains

This is a pretty cool image of all the famous boat captains around..

Source: Pixlmonster

10 Websites that Help Programming Skills

Seen here originally is a list of 10 puzzle sites that will help sharpen your skills of various programming languages.

1. Programming Praxis
2. Code Kata
3. TopCoder
4. Project Euler
5. Facebook Engineering Puzzles
6. Python Challenge
7. Al Zimmermann’s Programming Contests
8. Ruby Quiz
9. C Puzzles
10. 99 Prolog Problems

*Disclaimer: Haven’t actually really looked into all of these, nor do I actually know some of these languages, but hey the original article looked good.

Wikipedia Goes “Hitchhiker’s Guide”

If you’ve ever seen or read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams you will be familiar with the number one selling guide in the Universe with the words “Don’t Panic” printed on the cover and entries on virtually anything you could ask it.

Well Wikipedia is making its own Guide. In a way.

In this article, Wikipedia’s plans to make its own e-reader are discussed further. It is quite interesting I must say. Would definitely be very handy when you need to look something up on the fly.

“The Alchemist” Keyboard

To go along with an earlier post on a Steampunk PC, here’s a pretty cool looking steampunk keyboard.

Maybe we should compile a huge collection of images of Steampunk stuff and put it all in one post?

10 Geeky Laws That Should Exist, But Don’t

Seen here at

1. Munroe’s Law: A person in a geeky argument who can quote xkcd to support his position automatically wins the argument. This law supersedes Godwin, so that even if the quote is about Hitler, the quoter still wins.

2. Lucas’s Law: There is no movie so beloved that a “special edition,” prequel or sequel cannot trample and forever stain its memory.

3. Tolkien and Rowling’s Law:
No reasonably faithful movie adaptation of a book will ever be quite as good as the book it adapts. Thus great movie adaptations can only be made out of truly amazing books.

4. Somers and McCarthy’s Law: There is no dangerous unscientific theory so preposterous that no celebrity will espouse and advocate it.

5. Jobs’s Law: No matter how well last year’s cool tech gadget still works, it will seem utterly inadequate the moment the new version comes out.

6. Savage and Hyneman’s Law: Blowing stuff up is fun. Blowing stuff up in the name of science is AWESOME.

7. Starbucks’ and Peet’s Law: C8H10N4O2, better known as caffeine, is the most wonderful chemical compound known to humankind. If the field of chemistry had never identified or produced a single other useful compound, caffeine alone would be justification enough for its existence.

8. Wilbur’s Law: Bacon makes everything better.

9. Comic Book Guy’s Law: There is no detail of a movie too brief or inconsequential to become the subject of an hours-long diatribe.

10. The Unified Geek Theory: At present, the President of the United States, the wealthiest person in the United States, and the most trusted newscaster in the United States are all geeks. At the same time, movies based on comic book characters are routinely taking in hundreds of millions of dollars. The only reasonable conclusion is: We’ve won!

Conjuction Tutorial

I have been away from lotro for quite a bit working hard getting this cj tutorial site up and running as part of a school project. Well after many weeks of work it is finally ready to show.

Group of ..

These links go to the various conjunctions based on the group size you select. So, “Group of 3″ for example would take you to the types of conjunctions which are possible with 3 people in the fellowship.

Generate Random Conjunction

This section will randomly generate a random conjunction which can be from a length 3 to a length 6 maneuver. This is different from the conjunctions which are generated by the “Try” button which is found in the straights explanations. The “Try” button will only generate conjunctions of the group size that you are currently in.

Create your Own

In this section you can input various color combinations to see if it is a valid maneuver. Click the “Remove” button if you make a mistake and want to go back one, if you would like to start over then click the start over button.


This section contains videos of all the various conjunctions being performed in-game. It may take a little time for the video player to load up, please be patient. Do not worry if you cannot hear any sounds while the video is playing… this is perfectly normal seeing as the videos do not have sound associated with them. Once the video has finished playing it will start over again, unless another video is selected or you browse to another section.

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