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How to Perform a Straight

In The Lord of the Rings: Online complex fellowship maneuvers are known as straights. Straights can be perfomed by a fellowship with 3, 4, 5 and 6 members. Straights can be started by any color. Here is an example of a 3 person straight:

green yellow blue

So to do straights the principle is fairly straight forward. An attack color must be followed by a support color or vice versa.

Attack Colors:



Support Colors:



If you select an attack color after a support color, or a support color after an attack one then you are guaranteed a straight. You cannot repeat the same attack color or support color if it's the same as the previous attack or support color. Here is an example:


yellow  blue   red


yellow  blue   yellow

Another way of looking at it..

Most players also call straights "going around the wheel", that means whatever color is selected at the beginning the other players are supposed to click on the color which is next in the fellowship wheel. Usually the second color determines whether the wheel will go clockwise or Anti-clockwise. Here is an example:

If the first color is red then the next color can be either green or blue..


If Blue is selected after Red then the wheel must go Anti-Clockwise since you cannot select green.


So, this would result in Red, Blue, Yellow then Green... Whereas had green been selected second then the wheel would go clockwise and the conjunction would be Red, Green, Yellow, Blue. Once the wheel direction has been determined, it cannot be reversed unless a new conjuction is started.

That is the basic principle of a straight. There are more complex conjunctions such as "Breath of Freedom" and "Hope of Men" which do not follow the standard principle. You can find out more about these special conjunctions in the interactive section of this site.

Lotro-Wiki has a lot of information about conjunctions in general, information such as players who are level 12 and above can participate in conjunctions. It also explains which skills can start conjunctions, so if you would like more information about conjuctions head over to the wiki.




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